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The biggest thing about the bridal outfit is always the dress – the cut, the length and the embellishment. Now that you’ve found your ideal dress and you’re counting down to the big day, the next thing on your checklist are the accessories. Whether these are for you – the bride – your bridesmaids, or both, DIWAH can help create bespoke bridal jewellery to suit your special day.

By designing your own necklace and bracelet with DIWAH, you can ensure your jewellery complements the style of your wedding dress and matches the image you’ve had in your mind for so long. You can choose to completely create your own piece, or collaborate with our team of designers to select the perfect elements to adorn your bridal jewellery.


Something Blue

We have exquisite, semi-precious and fashion components from the exclusive range featured on DIWAH’s online jewellery designer, resulting in beautiful bridal jewellery to suit the theme of your wedding, no matter what style you and your fiance have opted for. Whether you’re walking down the aisle in a classic, long and lacy white gown or have chosen a more contemporary look, we can assist you in completing your outfit with something new, something blue, and something stunningly unique.


If you are unsure where to begin, contact the DIWAH team to start your personalised design service. During this process, we will discuss your style, the appearance of your wedding dress and the colours and types of components you would like to be included in your jewellery. By sending our team a swatch or photograph of your dress, we can colour match the components used in your jewellery to your bridal gown and those of your bridesmaids.

Unique Bridal Collection

Design your own bridal collection with DIWAH, including an eye-catching princess pendant, chic bracelet and matching pieces to gift to each of your bridesmaid to wear on your big day. Based on the style of your wedding and the bridesmaid’s dresses, the DIWAH designers will put together a collection of components especially for your bridal party, that can be used to create all of your wedding jewellery. This divine range can be used by you to design the pieces you desire or given to our professional jewellery artisans, who will use their expertise to create an individual set of jewellery for the entire bridal party that will stand the test of time.

Create a collection of necklaces and bracelets based on the style of your bridesmaids’ dresses, the theme of your big day, or the colour and embellishments of your bridal gown. Choose from a range of colours to complement the scheme of your bridal party, from boho beach components to faceted crystal beads with a vintage flapper look. Each piece could be slightly different, made using the same selection of components, perhaps with individual pendants or lengths depending on the personal style of your bridesmaid and the cut of their dress. A sweetheart neckline (for bridesmaid or bride) often suits a princess pendant, whereas a scoop neck or strapless dress will work well with a collar piece.

Dress your bridesmaids individually but within the same theme. For example, they could each wear an outfit in the hues you have chosen for your wedding, but in varying shades. Or, each girl could wear the same coloured dress in a slightly different style: full length, midi, asymmetrical, halter neck, strapless, fitted or flared. You can continue this theme by designing necklaces for your bridesmaids using a collection of components – hand-picked by you – that feature in all of the pieces you create, each of which showcases the style of a particular individual in your bridal party.

Design Your Own

You’ve probably got a multitude of ideas that you’ve fallen in love with during the wedding planning process, from Pinterest boards and bridal magazines to designer runways. Why not recreate the statement piece you saw at the latest celebrity wedding, for a fraction of the price tag. All you need is a picture of the piece and a little help from DIWAH’s online jewellery designer.                                                                        
Take inspiration from your favourite films that showcase stunning jewels or wedding parties that you’ve always wanted to be a part of. Bring their jewellery out of the screen and design your own piece that will transform you from watching on the sofa into your dream bride, walking down the aisle. Design your own, bespoke version of exquisite necklaces from fashionable classics, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Anna Karenina, Pretty Woman and The Great Gatsby.

Indulge in DIWAH’s natural and fashion pearls paired with oversized, gleaming cast pendants to recreate the iconic jewellery of your favourite characters. Add a contemporary appeal using our metallic, filigree flower elements and fashion beads in sumptuous jewel tones.

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Mimic the turquoise and silver pendant worn by the ever stylish Jessica Alba on her wedding day in 2008, or the simple and traditional style of up and coming American actress Lauren Parsekian. Adorned with multi-stranded, sleek white pears, Parsekian exuded a feminine elegance as she walked down the aisle in 2013. Both opted for a chic, minimalist approach to bridal jewellery, however, you can inject some of your own look into your jewellery with the over 1500 components available at DIWAH. Your wedding day is meant to represent you and your fiance, so make sure your jewellery shows off some of your unique style, with charms in your favourite hue and a delicate, geometric chain.


Designing your own bridal jewellery with DIWAH – whether you commission our team to make something beautiful for you, collaborate with us on bespoke set or create your own collection for your bridal party – enables you to wear something completely unique on your wedding day. Go down the traditional route with pearls and a dainty chain, or include some of your personality with sophisticated crystals and glamorous, semi-precious raw cut stones, such as amethyst and rose quartz. With DIWAH, individuality is important, especially for a blushing bride on her wedding day. Embellish your special day with your own designs for a quick and easy way to complete your beauteous look.

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