Step into the world of semi-precious stones, where all that shines and glitters is naturally stylish to help you design your own stunningly special piece of jewellery of the highest quality. The shelves of DIWAH HQ are lined with a rainbow of different shades, shapes and styles, which we have carefully sourced from across the world, ready to create your unique jewellery masterpieces. All of our ready to wear pieces have elements of semi-precious stones. Each ring, bracelet and necklace has been hand finished to ensure each element looks even more beautiful than nature intended. Our online jewellery designer has an even larger selection of natural components to choose from, including oversized labradorite pendants and round, faceted agate beads in a multitude of colours. Whether you want a semi-precious stone that will help you feel calmer and bring tranquility when you wear it, or an enhanced piece that is fabulously fashionable and not easily damaged, DIWAH’s diverse range will offer you everything you could imagine for the perfect jewellery.


DIWAH is involved in the entire process of sourcing our semi-precious stones and make it a priority to find out the ethical origins of how the stone was mined, shaped and polished. Each type of stone that we select can be found in a variety of countries across the world and all end up in our UK production room, ready to be transformed into your bespoke piece.

Each stone is polished and cut to the standard our customers are accustomed to. In order to achieve the stylish shape and luxurious shine of the components you see on our website, the stones are polished in special spinning vats using bamboo and hand cut. Every part of the process involves great skill and uses natural tools to retain the appearance and hard-wearing endurance of the stone.

Whilst all of our semi-precious stones are completely natural, some have been enhanced to create a wider range of fashionable colours and shapes for you to design on trend and contemporary jewellery. This allows you to include the stunning quality of the natural stone, whilst taking inspiration from the catwalk, the high-street and current styles and mixing these with your own personal look. With a variety of stones- from jade and agate to tiger eye and pearls- in both natural and fashion colours, there are a plethora of combinations available for you to experiment with using our online jewellery designer; with so many to choose from you’ll need to make more than one amazing piece to satisfy your creative jewellery desire.

The different sizes and shapes of components at DIWAH mean we have a multitude of statement pendants and eye-catching beads waiting to be used by you as part of a high quality necklace, individual to you. Choose your necklace style- from princess pendant to opera cluster- and then dive into the myriad of semi-precious components Diwah have selected especially for you. Many of our beads have been shaped into smooth and faceted round beads, the traditional shape for jewellery elements; however, we also have a range of geometric and irregular styles to add a quirky, luxe appearance to your jewellery. As each bead is natural, the different shades and hues contain the striations of the semi-precious stone, creating a beautiful, ethereal and diverse look.

Not only are our semi-precious stones spectacularly gorgeous, but by using DIWAH’s natural stones to create your jewellery you’re ensuring the longevity of your unique piece. Our stones are naturally strong and solid, meaning that unlike much of the jewellery available on the high-street, they will not tarnish or corrode and do not damage easily. High-street jewellery goes in and out of fashion quickly and often doesn’t last long or can break easily; by using semi-precious stones to design an individual

If you’re looking for something unique and beautiful as well as durable and ethical, a hand designed piece made from DIWAH’s semi-precious stones will be your ideal item of jewellery. DIWAH have a huge collection of natural components, including some rare elements that will add extra glamour to your necklace. At DIWAH we love using semi-precious stones to add a sense of luxury to our jewellery and adore combining unique components- such as round agate beads with and iridescent labradorite pendant- for sophisticated style with plenty of high quality panache for a truly individual piece.