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Colour: Purple / Pink / Gold / Iridescent

Material: Agate / Jade / Crystal / Chain

Beading: Strung Beaded / Lace Beaded

Fastening: Claw Clasp

TASSEOMANCY – ESMERALDA COLLECTION. Indulge in a contemporary colour pop of bold purple, with beautifully vibrant hues of magenta and wine. DIWAH’s Tasseomancy necklace is divinely handmade princess piece, with two rows of semi-precious agate, connected by ethereal and iridescent crystal teardrops. Dainty gold chain adds a beautiful simplicity, whilst the eye-catching fashion elements and pastel lilac beads ensure this gorgeous necklace will brighten up a classic LBD or jewel tones halter neck top. A limited edition piece from the Esmeralda collection.

Necklace Length

Princess 48 – 54cm