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Subtle Purple and Blue Pendant Necklace



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Colour: Purple / Blue / Gold

Material: Agate / Chain / Fashion Elements

Beading: Hand Strung with Chain

Fastening: Magnetic

Handmade in the UK

EDIT OR BUY SUBTLE PURPLE AND BLUE PENDANT NECKLACE. A treasure chest of ethereal components, DIWAH’s unique Subtle Purple and Blue Pendant Necklace has a mystical quality with bohemian shades for a bespoke style glamour. Golden snow flake charms hang from deep gold chunky chain, mixing boho with urban, while magenta and plum agate contrast inky blue components. The oversized pendant makes a bold statement with striated swirls of ocean blues and gold foil surround. The long matinee style enhances the enchanting appeal of this piece.


Matinee Pendant

Template Length

Matinee Pendant: 64.5cm