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Silver Circles



Colour: Purple / Orange / Blue / Silver

Material: Agate / Jade

Beading: Hand Strung with Chain

Fastening: Claw Clasp

Handmade in the UK

EDIT OR BUY SILVER CIRCLES. Delicate silver chain lets the bold colours make the impact, for an understated style statement in luxe purple, turquoise, scarlet and cobalt blue. Handmade, Silver Circles is a chunky, urban beaded collar necklace, which showcases an oversized, circular retro component in plum as a feature component, embellished with sparkling shot blasted spacer beads. Highly polished, semi-precious agate and jade round beads create a delectable finish, which you can customise using the Diwah jewellery designer for your own contemporary look.



Template Length

Collar: 44.5cm