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Colour: Purple / Pink / Gold

Material: Agate / Jade / Crystal / Acrylic

Beading: Russian Beaded

Fastening: Magnetic

PREMONITION – ESMERALDA COLLECTION. DIWAH’s resplendent Premonition statement bracelet is an exclusive and limited edition piece from the Esmeralda’s Jewellery Box collection. This ravishing piece is completely hand crafted to match the Clairvoyance necklace. Created using Russian beading techniques, the chunky cuff style showcases delicate crystal and fashion elements, alongside semi-precious jade and agate beads. Sumptuous shades if gleaming gold, violet, mulberry and magenta purple create a strikingly regal and unique design.

Bracelet Length

Large – 23cm, Medium – 21cm, Small – 19cm