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Maple Mist Beaded Necklace



Colour: Red / Grey / Gold

Material: Agate / Jade / Crystal

Beading: Hand Strung with Chain

Fastening: Claw Clasp

Handmade in the UK

EDIT OR BUY MAPLE MIST BEADED NECKLACE. This beautiful Maple Mist Beaded Necklace has a sophisticated appearance, enhanced by the bespoke smoky grey and crimson colour combination. A matinee pendant piece with delicate gold chain, this customisable necklace can be worn with a pencil or floaty dress, or polo necked jumper in winter for a contemporary, bohemian style. Petite geometric slate grey and maroon components compliment the chunky teardrop pendant, striated in shades of doves grey and caramel, with clear crystals nestled in between.


Matinee Pendant

Template Length

Matinee Pendant: 64.5cm