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Fortune Teller


Colour: Purple / Gold / Iridescent

Material: Agate / Jade / Crystal / Acrylic / Chain

Beading: Strung Beaded / Lace Beaded / Chain Woven Beading

Fastening: Claw Clasp

FORTUNE TELLER – ESMERALDA COLLECTION. Enhance the neckline of a crew cut dress with DIWAH’s ravishing bib style, Fortune Teller necklace. Beautifully handcrafted and consisting of five connected rows of faceted fashion elements, rich crystal beads and semi-precious agate and jade, intricately beaded together to create a statement piece that takes centre stage in your outfit. A combination of ornate lace and chain woven beading is used to create this striking necklace.The outer row is adorned with shimmering teardrop charms. Alluring shades of plum, byzantine and mauve are inlaid with gold chain. The dazzling array of sumptuous purple, heather and lilac hues create a rich and contemporary, feminine appeal.

Necklace Length

Collar 40 – 46cm