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Colour: Purple / Gold / Iridescent

Material: Agate / Jade / Crystal / Acrylic / Chain

Beading: Strung Beaded / Lace Beaded

Fastening: Spring Hoop Clasp

DIVINATION – ESMERALDA COLLECTION. Ethereal elegance is combined with a lavish and regal style statement, unique to DIWAH’s Esmeralda collection. The Divination necklace is a fabulous triple row piece, featuring bright gold chain embellished with chunky agate and feminine, floral shaped clusters of exquisite and iridescent crystals. Violet fashion elements connect the different rows of semi-precious beads, leading to delicate, teardrop charms at the centre of the necklace.The opulent, enchanting hues of deep purple mesmerise, for a truly unique sophistication. The statement style of this oversized and exquisite piece creates fashionable drama with a bespoke look.

Necklace Length

Triple Row Princess