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Cloudy Agate Beaded Bracelet


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Material: Agate

Colour: White, brown

Beading Type: Strung Beaded

We love this charming cloudy agate beaded bracelet! This piece is elasticated and so easy to slip on to transform an outfit! This bracelet is made up of hand cut and hand polished round-shaped multi-faceted cloudy agate beads. The beads are mainly made up of a pale blue colour, but traces of many other colours run through. Some beads have more of a milky, opalescent tone, while some are more mint green. Most of the beads have a speckled surface, or swirls of dark caramel brown in them, giving them a beautifully natural look. The many facets of each bead make them sparkle and shimmer in the light, adding an extra touch of glamorous to this piece.



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