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Colour Pop Spikes



Colour: Purple / Pink / Red / Gold

Material: Agate / Amethyst / Jade / Crystal / Fashion Elements

Beading: Hand Strung

Fastening: Claw Clasp

Handmade in the UK

BUY OR EDIT COLOUR POP SPIKES. Transform a T-shirt and jeans combination with our charismatic, customisable Colour Pop Spikes princess pendant, a bespoke piece designed and handmade made by team DIWAH. Edgy with urban flair, this strikingly vivid beaded necklace showcases luxe jewel tones of burnt sienna, amethyst purple and glistening gold. Semi-precious, round agate beads sit alongside gleaming orange crystal elements to stand out, with three golden spiked fashion components that fill your jewellery with attitude as the focal feature.


Princess Drop Pendant

Template Length

Princess Drop Pendant: 52.5cm