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Colour: Purple / Gold / Pink

Material: Agate / Jade / Crystal / Fashion Elements / Pyrite / Chain

Beading: Strung Beaded with Chain

Fastening: Claw Clasp

CLEROMACNY – ESMERALDA COLLECTION. Contemporary and charismatic, the Cleromancy necklace has a chic and feminine, urban vibe, enhanced by the shining, golden fashion spike charms at the centre of the piece. A double row crescent necklace, sleek gold chain is embellished with opulent cluster beads and two strands of oversized agate and crystal, for a beauteous allure. Soft berry purple and iridescent shades add a divine glimmer, enhanced by eclectic pyrite charms to stand out. A glorious and sumptuously stylish statement piece from the Esmeralda collection adorned with chic pyrite elements.

Necklace Length

Matinee 56 – 64cm