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Chunky Purple Empire Necklace



Colour: Purple / Gold

Material: Agate / Chain

Beading: Hand Strung with Chain

Fastening: Spring Hoop Clasp

Handmade in the UK

EDIT OR BUY CHUNKY PURPLE EMPIRE NECKLACE. Oversized geometric gold chain shines in the light, enhancing the sumptuous hue of this DIWAH original Chunky Purple Empire Necklace. A striated cut out circular pendant draws the eye to shades of playfully glamorous amethyst, plum and violet. Two large, round, flat beads in smooth, polished deep mulberry attract attention to this edgy, urban piece. The bold, magnificent hues give a luxe appeal to empower your style statements with an understated, charismatic allure ahead of the trends.


Princess Pendant

Template Length

Princess Pendant: 52.5cm