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Beaded Bubblegum Necklace



Colour:  Grey / Pink / Green / Blue

Material: Agate / Jade / Chain / Fashion Elements

Beading: Hand Strung

Fastening: Magnetic

Handmade in the UK

BUY OR EDIT BEADED BUBBLEGUM NECKLACE. A multi-coloured piece in bright candy colours, Beaded Bubblegum Necklace is a sweet, playful princess piece with a uniquely sophisticated vibe. A creamy grey agate teardrop pendant has a serene appearance, resembling shell, for a naturally feminine look. Two other chunky, slate grey agate slices are adorned by silver finishings to make a style statement that matches the dainty silver chain. Pops of magenta pink, lime green and blue complete the vivacious modern design, a customisable DIWAH original.


Princess Pendant

Template Length

Princess Pendant: 52.5cm