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Only One Made

Colour: Black / Silver / Gunmetal / Turquoise / Blue / Green / Orange / Red / Grey / Iridescent / Clear

Material: Chain / Metal / Howlite / Quartz / Crystal / Faux Pearl / Jade / Coral / Glass

Beading: Strung Beaded

Fastening: Spring Hoop Clasp

ATHENA – DIWAH GODDESS COLLECTION. Vibrantly chic with an edgy mix of boho and grunge, the Athena makes a striking statement. A triple row matinee piece, each section graduates between sultry slate grey and onyx black chunky jade beads, and cosmic crimson coral and jade elements in fruity vivid tangerine orange and olive. Step out in style and bask in the attention created by contrasting hues of turquoise and black howlite charms, hand carved into daring spikes. Bespoke metallic silver beads adorned with spikes enhance the eclectic vibes of this rebellious, kaleidoscopic chunky necklace for a captivating, transformative look in vivacious, cosmic semi-precious components.


Triple Row Matinee