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Colour: Blue / Red / Orange / Green / Gold

Material: Agate / Crystal / Chain / Fashion Elements

Beading: Hand Strung with Chain

Fastening: Magnetic

Handmade in the UK

EDIT OR BUY ADSILA – TRIBAL COLLECTION. Immerse yourself in blossoming boho shades of berry red, cobalt blue, orange and gold with delicate chain, agate and crystal beads. DIWAH’s exquisite, exclusive Adsila pendant necklace is part of our handmade Tribal collection, with beautiful ethnic hues and a contemporary style. Add a fashionable appeal with the striking, soft dove grey saber tooth pendant, the feature piece of this bespoke necklace. Wear with a summer or autumn outfit to enhance the appearance.


Princess Pendant

Template Length

Princess Pendant: 52.5cm