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02 Blue Beaded Chain Necklace



Colour: Blue / Grey / Rose Gold

Material: Agate / Chain

Beading: Hand Strung with Chain

Fastening: Spring Hoop Clasp

Handmade in the UK

BUY OR EDIT O2 BLUE BEADED CHAIN NECKLACE. An urban look, this chunky princess piece has all the attitude you need to complete your outfit . Customise our O2 Blue Beaded Chain Necklace by adding extra semi-precious or fashion elements, or wear straight away for an instant, oversized style statement. The feminine rose gold of the chain contrasts its large, flat shape for a mix of styles that  is accentuated by the bright electric blue hue of smooth, round agate beads, for a luscious splash of colour. A sultry smoky grey pendant adds sophistication.


Princess Drop Pendant

Template Length

Princess Drop Pendant: 52.5cm