Component Price Guide


Price Per Link £0.10 – £0.70

With chain in almost every colour, in a range of finishes, DIWAH offers you a great variety to choose from. Not only do we have a wide range of colours, but they come in various sizes, shapes and types too.


Price Per Component £0.15 – £10.50

Our acrylic and fashion components come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Acrylic and fashion components are an inexpensive way to add extra detailing to your design and weigh less than semi precious elements.


Price Per Component £0.15 – £8.50

Our sparkling crystal elements come in various shapes and sizes. Our potato shaped beads range from 3mm-11mm and our other shapes range from 2mm-35mm.


Price Per Component £0.25 – £20.00

Semi precious is DIWAH’s speciality and we have over 600 semi precious elements to choose from. Round beads come in sizes from 4-14mm and we have fashion shapes as big as 65mm. With a huge spectrum of colour and variety of shapes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Price Per Component £3.00 – £12.00

For extra glamour, add cast components to your design. We have a range of colour, shapes and sizes in our cast pieces so you’re sure to find something to suit your style!


Price Per Pendant £0.50 – £25.00

Semi-precious is our specialty and we have a plethora of fabulous pendants in all colours, shapes and sizes. There are also a range of acrylic and fashion pendants if you’re designing on a budget.


Price Per Component £0.15 – £0.90

Spacer beads are smaller components, in all metal colours to add extra detail to your designs.  They are used in between bigger beads and fashion shapes to enhance a design.


Price Per Bead Cap £0.10 – £0.50

Bead caps are available in all metal colours and are used to complement beads. Place them either side of a bead or shape to add extra detail to your design.


Price Per Fastening £0.50 – £5.00

DIWAH has fastenings in all metal colours and shapes, ranging from simple claw clasps, to fabulous diamante incrusted magnetic fastenings.

Keep your eyes peeled for DIWAH sales where you’ll get great discounts on your favourite components. Also, look out for new and limited edition components on our online jewellery designer.