New Trend: Global Traveller

Aztec Perfection Tribal

We’re already looking ahead to Spring Summer 2017 as new trends emerge that everyone at DIWAH is lusting after. Filled with vibrant shades and a clash of bohemian colours, the Global Traveller trend is set to be your new favourite summer look.

As lovers of unique, luxe style and statement necklaces, Global Traveller has caught the eye because of the maximalist design and the rich stones used in the clothing, accessories and jewellery. Gleaming gold, intricate beading, delicate charms and layers of bracelets, bangles and necklaces of varying lengths adorn the models.

Adsila Tribal Aztec Perfection Tribal

The aim of the new Global Traveller trend is to showcase exotic adventure, a broad range of diverse cultures and the exploration of sumptuous, natural materials with a tropical appeal.

This is an extension of the tribal trend that has been around for so many summer seasons and shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon.

Make sure you’re ahead of high-street with DIWAH’s Tribal collection, featuring six different mesmerising necklaces and three soon to be launched bracelets.

Embellish yourself in the Adsila Agate Tooth Pendant Necklace. This princess piece epitomises the Global Traveller style with the exotically adventurous style agate pendant that will stand out against a bandeau top or Aztec printed holiday vest.


Agate Tooth Pendant Adsila

The Aztec Perfection beaded Collar Necklace features dazzling, ornate charm in eye-catching gold, creating an ethnic allure amongst the semi-precious, geometric beads. An eclectic style with vivacious and rich hues of scarlet, bronze and turquoise that highlight the vivid, botanical shades favoured by the Global Traveller trend.

Aztec Perfection

Perfect to make a statement while basking in the warmth of the sun, exploring new countries or simply cheering up your summer holiday if you’re still saving for that dream getaway.

DIWAH’s exclusive, limited edition Goddess collection also has a hint of the exotic and bohemian individuality that makes us love the new Global Traveller trend. Vibrant oranges, electric blues, turquoises and crimsons add a luxe look, handcrafted with raw pyrite elements and an explosion of rich hues.

Goddess Artemis

Travel the world from the comfort of your home by experimenting with beautiful, semi-precious stones, ethically sourced from different areas of the globe, using our online jewellery designing platform. Combine enchanting agate and jade, geometric beads in contrasting colours to resemble mosaic patterns and graphic prints.

The tribal trend has permeated summer style and works well for festivals. Global Traveller is a striking extension of the trend many of us have been wearing during SS16 and before. The mix of vibrant and neutral hues and boho, geometric prints stands out and can be worn as a relaxed, layered look in the day or bold and eclectic in the evening. Your jewellery should reflect your mood and can be chunky and bright or multiple, more delicate pieces worn together over a plain tee with a tasselled bag or tropical print headband or scarf.

Get ready for the new season with your own DIWAH inspired interpretation of the Global Traveller.

Join the DIWAH tribe and go global with your style for a bespoke take on the newest trends.  


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