DIWAH’s Guide to Holiday Jewellery

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Your case is already full (even though you were supposed to packing light) but you still need to decide what jewellery and accessories to take with you on holiday. You can’t empty your entire jewellery box into your luggage, so you may need to be choosy over what you decide to take. Whether you’re going for one week or two, a city break or beach holiday, DIWAH can help you find the best jewellery to accessorize your holiday.

Plan your outfits in advance to save on space in your suitcase. If you know exactly which top you’ll wear with which skirt before you go, you won’t need to panic pack, resulting in half your wardrobe ending up in your case the night before you leave. Take a few extra items of clothing with you as a contingency plan and choose jewellery that can match more than one outfit.

This means that you can match your jewellery to the outfits you’ll be wearing, so you don’t have to pack your entire collection in the hopes that something will make your new dress stand out. Go through your jewellery box and find a selection of three necklaces that you can pair with your chosen outfits, creating your own capsule holiday jewellery box.

You can choose matching bracelets to minimise any hassle when packing your luggage, or stock up on bangles and beaded bracelets that don’t take up a lot of room. Stacking these up your wrist will check off the boho and tribal trends that come back every summer.

Reef Pendant Necklace

The Sea Breeze collection is designed specifically with your summer holidays in mind, showcasing stunning ocean hues and semi-precious druzy pendants. The Druzy Pendant Reef Necklace can be easily paired with a floral daytime sundress to a sleek slip dress in the evening. Beautiful coral and aqua shades will cool you down and add a splash of tropical colour to your outfit, whether you’re heading to the beach or preparing for a staycation. DIWAH’s Club Tropicana Collar Necklace features delightful agate starfish beads in a soft, olive green contrast luxe rose gold chain, for a little extra glamour by the pool.

Club Tropicana Collar Necklace

Our new collection of Sea Breeze bracelets, which have just recently been launched, are perfect for layering up to accessorize a summer outfit. Go for multiple, delicate pieces or a selection of chunky charm bracelets.

Sea Breeze Bracelet Sea Breeze Bracelet Sea Breeze Bracelet

Use our online design platform or the DIWAH design service to create your own pieces, specifically for your trip this summer. You can load in the components from our Sea Breeze collection for inspiration, adding in your own personal style. This way you can ensure you have a unique holiday jewellery collection that you can rely on for your next summer getaway and many more after that.

The perfect holiday jewellery kit should consist of one chunky statement necklace that can be worn for a special occasion and a usually around two more delicate pieces that can be mixed and matched between outfits. You can easily pack multiple smaller bracelets in an empty makeup style bag and wear a three or four at once.

Enjoy your and holidays and let DIWAH help make sure you’re the most stylish person on the plane. With so much choice, we hope you don’t go over your luggage allowance!


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