DIWAH’s Guide to Festival Fashion Jewellery

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Ignore the rain and start planning which stage you’ll head to first: that’s right, festival season is here. Now that the big festivals – Glastonbury, Latitude and T in the Park – have been exhausted, it’s time to mix up your capsule wardrobe, for something completely new and unique. There are only so many muddy fields that you can dance in wearing the same outfit, jewellery and accessories.

The most worn festival uniform often consists of denim cut off shorts, wellies and fringing, so layering up on beautifully bespoke jewellery can transform your look. Your accessories should make a style statement without encroaching on the ‘throw it on and go’ vibe of most festival fashion. Living in a poorly put up tent with multiple friends for a weekend means you can’t just empty your entire jewellery box into your case and hope for the best. You need to be organised and know what you’ll wear and when, enabling you to spend more time out and about, so you know you won’t miss the best performances.


Festival fashion is all about layering and a laid back look, so the comeback trend of the summer are perfect for achieving striking festival style, fast. DIWAH’s Boho and Tribal collections embody the ultimate in summer festival fashion jewellery, as these trends come back around every year.

With DIWAH you can edit each piece, personalising your festival style to make your next weekend in the mud individual and worthy of the Pyramid stage. Swap semi-precious and fashion elements for hues that suit you, or take inspiration from your favourite band for a necklace that will get you noticed. (You never know, an eye-catching piece may grab their attention and get you invited up on stage. We know this is just a daydream but there’s no reason your jewellery can’t be camera worthy, even if it’s not seen on screen.)

The Trinket Charm Collar Necklace from the Boho collection can be added to a loose fitting, slogan tee that you can wear an oversized jumper or bomber jacket over to combat the British weather. The vibrant turquoise and contemporary, metallic silver spikes are complemented by scarlet agate, which works well with rich tones, to accessorize a tasselled kimono in muted orange shades.09-Trinket-Style-750

Smooth, semi-precious stones with sleek, natural striations create a free-spirited appeal, contrasting bold patterns of vest tops or cover-ups.

Hairbands or short, printed scarves can be tied into your hair for easy accessorizing and take up little space in an overnight bag. These can also be used to wrap up any jewellery you do take, to protect it on the journey to the campsite.


For a layered look without any fuss, a double row matinee crescent length necklace is easy to create your own festival style, whether you’re at Bestival, Reading or Leeds. This is where DIWAH comes in: the Statement Smoothstone Necklace is part of the Boho collection, featuring ethereal tiger eye, chunky chain and an array of sumptuous oranges and rustic reds. The Tribal collection also showcases a matinee crescent, the Free for All Statement Necklace, a dazzlingly vibrant, Moroccan inspired piece. Shining bronze crystal, blues, greens and berry hues embellish two rows for an ethnic style accessory that can replace the old featured headdress worn by everyone who is attending a music festival.

Standing out is the main aim of festival fashion and customised jewellery can be a great way to do this. With Tribal becoming more and more popular, the Adsila Agate Tooth Pendant Necklace will be the piece that sets you apart with style. The chic, Aztec inspired sabre tooth pendant will look spectacular worn over a crop top (and possibly peeking out from under the raincoat we know you’ll end up needing to wear).Untitled design

Bracelets and bangles layered up your wrist is also a fabulous way to transform your festival outfit. Delicate and charm bracelets will work well stacked up; DIWAH allows you to design pieces that will match your necklace and have newly launched our Boho and Tribal bracelet collections. A mix of gold or silver with vivacious and bright pops of colour will be both a stylish and detract from how much dry shampoo you’ve had to use in your hair on the third morning without a shower.

Festival fashion is all about experimenting, letting go and showing off your personality, whilst still being practical enough to spend three days dancing and sleeping in a field. Choose statement pieces and match them to plain apparel, so that you can wear them on the car journey to the site and keep the same jewellery for any changes of outfit you have throughout the weekend. Mixing practical and spontaneity with stunning style and a unique appeal will result in envy inducing festival fashion.


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