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It’s that time of year again and we’re getting ready for the festive season. DIWAH can’t contain our excitement: soon the tree will be going up, the lights coming on and the celebrations can begin.

If like us, you want to have all of your preparation done to ensure you have more time to join in the festivities, it’s a good idea to start your Christmas shopping early.

With Christmas fast approaching, the need for getting the gifts in is growing! How about getting a few of your presents in one place? Presents that you can’t find in the shops; presents that you can design yourself, so you know you’ll get the perfect gift! With DIWAH, you can design your own jewellery from the comfort of your living room, choosing from over 1000 components, including stunning semi-precious stones, fashion elements and sparkling crystal.

We’re all different when it comes to style; some of us can’t get enough glitter and some of us love anything a bit off the wall, so, we’ve collected the best Christmas styles together to make it easier for you to find the perfect gift! Just call us your magic elves.

Sparkle Addict

If you have a sparkle-fiend in your life, then you have come to the right place! With so many choices of glittering crystal and superb faceted semi-precious components, you’ll be able to create a beautiful design that this lady will wear a LOT!

If you don’t have the time to design, there are some gorgeous ready to wear items as well as our pre-designed pieces, which can be added to your cart as quickly as 1, 2, 3!
A little shimmer and shine is the easiest and most striking way to satiate your appetite for sparkle and glitter this festive season, with a statement piece like DIWAH’s Rock Goddess from the Rebel collection, or, our personal favourite, Evening Glam’s Showstopper necklace.

Showstopper Beaded Pendant NecklaceStatement Rock Goddess Chunky Pendant Necklace

The Rock Goddess flaunts a raw cut, crystallised pyrite pendant, for that extra bit of sizzling sparkle, embellished with gunmetal and gold. The perfect, unique piece for the friend whose style never backs down.

For a more dazzling take on the sparkle addiction, gift your glitter loving friends with Showstopper, a necklace with so many gleaming stones, their style will outshine everyone. Sumptuous inky blue goldstone flecked with a divine sparkle complements bold, golden crystal beads. The crowning glory of this piece are the shining cast pieces and diamante pendant – a present to take their breath away.

Which stone should I use?

Goldstone is the perfect semi-precious stone for the sparkle addict, with glinting specks of gold! Brown goldstone looks beautiful alongside resplendent tiger’s eye and blue goldstone, resembling a clear night sky filled with stars; teams nicely with faceted crystal components.

Glamour Mama

Any help you need to buy for your glamour mama friend (or mother) can be found straight away within our Evening Glam Collection. There are a plethora of gorgeous semi-precious and fashion elements for you to play around with on our jewellery design platform, grouped by collection to make the style you’re looking easier to find. Beautiful goldstone and geometric crystal beads paired with oversized pendants add a dash of glamour to any necklace or bracelet, especially in shades of gleaming gold, shining silver and awe-inspiring midnight blue. Sleek black agate will also ensure the glamour factor is as high as possible for your bespoke jewellery.

05-SocialButterfly-750Princess Pendant Chunky Chain Necklace

If you’re looking for a ready made gift to add to your basket, why not gift your most glamorous friend a chic bracelet such as DIWAH’s Social Butterfly, for a modern allure for the woman that likes her look to take centre stage. Dappled quartz and sultry crystal elements stand out in captivating electric blue, perfect for party season when you know exactly which friend will always take glamour to the max.

Think she’d prefer a more vibrant kind of glamour? Bright hues turned up to the highest contrast and oversized teardrops on lustrous chain have a contemporary glamour that you just can’t miss. DIWAH’s Funky princess pendant necklace is from the Bold Collection, with an eclectic and sophisticated vibe to appeal to your sister or best friend, with a style that is just a little bit out there. They like to do their own thing and mix up their outfits but always manage to pull it off with a style that even you envy on a night out together.

Which stone should I use?

Black agate or onyx is a great stone to use for understated glamour; the sleek, glossy appearance of these stones, works with any outfit. For bolder tones, agate and jade make perfect colour pops!

Vintage Starlet

You’ve got that one friend who is more old school elegance than contemporary chic, but it’s difficult to find vintage pieces that you know they’ll like and get plenty of wear out of. Not to mention finding something at your price point. Which is where DIWAH comes in. It’s easy to recreate an elegant vintage starlet appearance without actually having to dig through your grandmother’s jewellery box for inspiration. All you need is a little Hollywood glamour and some classic components that are versatile enough to mix and match with different outfits for a number of years to come – all of which DIWAH has.

From the Classic Collection to Evening Glam, Romance or the beautiful cast pieces and crystal that adorn some of DIWAH’s pre-designed pieces, you can create bespoke jewellery as  a surprise Christmas gift, worthy of the screen greats that embodied this style.

05-Marion-750Beaded Crystal Mermaid Necklace

Create a matching set using delightful fashion pearls or mix and match your favourites, like the Classic Marion bracelet or DIWAH’s Beaded Crystal Mermaid Necklace. Both showcase some of our finest, most stylish elements – from golden and glimmering iridescent pieces to rose quartz and exquisite agate. Shades of deep purple and enticing clear, faceted beads add that stunning and timeless glamour to lovely Christmas gift that can be worn all year round with effortless style.

Which stone should I use?

The vintage style is glamorous and timeless; so we recommend clear and rose quartz. Both of these in the form of a faceted bead will add beautiful detail to a vintage design. Pair with fashion pearls for a true starlet vibe!

Earth Mother

This lady loves everything natural and all that is kind to nature, so semi-precious jewellery that has been ethically sourced from around the globe seems like it could be a dream present. Look for rich, earthy tones and natural striations when scrolling through our selection of components, to create something they can’t wait to wear. If you want extra points from your bohemian best pal, opt for multiple, longer necklaces or bracelets adorned with a variety of stones and hues, which can be layered up for a more free-spirited look.

Rhapsody Pendant Necklace05-Muse-750

Natural components such as turquoise, tiger eye and brown goldstone all enhance the mother earth style and work well with highly polished, delicate silver chain and intricate, metallic finishings. Looking for more inspiration? DIWAH’s Boho Collection and pieces like the Rhapsody necklace and Muse bracelet are both the epitome of ethereal and enchanting style statements. Both of these showcase pops of rustic red, adding a vivacious appeal that will ensure your present gets noticed long after the ribbon is untied.

As DIWAH specialises in bespoke, ethically sourced, semi-precious jewellery, you can make your loved one’s day by creating a chic piece, inspired by their favourite colour scheme, scenery or style. A double row matinee crescent or opera cluster necklace both make great styles, particularly combined with elements from our Boho or Tribal collections.

Which stone should I use?

Turquoise is one of the most popular stones amongst bohemian babes; with its gorgeous colouring and natural markings. However, we think any stone in its natural colouring will work – we love howlite, jasper and agate as well as beautiful turquoise.

Grunge Lover

Effortless attitude with a slightly punk or 90s vibe can be hard to pull off, but for those who do it well, surprise them with something from DIWAH’s Rebel or Urban collection. Oversized pendants create a statement look, streaked in monochrome and smoky gunmetal stands out to add a sleek vibe to any Christmas outfit.

‘Alternative’ and ‘individual’ are words that have been used to describe grunge fashion, which is why personalisation is such a good fit to create a piece of jewellery that they’ll never want to take off. Filter the components by collection and choose silver and gunmetal finishings, paired with some of our skulls beads – complete with glistening diamante eyes for a truly festive feel.

Beaded Black and Silver Thorns Necklace05-Rock Chick-750

Taking centre stage of seasonal grunge fashion, the Thorns matinee crescent is a double row necklace with a stunningly smoky shine. Spiked gunmetal charms create an empowering and rebellious style, while oversized, jet black agate and shot blasted silver beads add a ravishingly enigmatic and edgy appeal.

When it comes to this style, the more the merrier with accessories and jewellery. Layering up is the way to go and bracelets always work well for this. DIWAH’s Rebel collection boasts the Rock Chick, a charm bracelet with a daring allure. Onyx hued fashion pearls and sultry banded amethyst create a contemporary gothic glamour, adorned by dark silver crystal teardrops. A hint of steampunk shine is provided by subtle, glittering finishings.

A perfect combination of Christmas glamour and indie grunge style for a present unlike any other.

Which stone should I use?

Smokey quartz is a great stone to compliment a grunge styled outfit, whether in the form of a chunky ring or delicate beading. Another stone which looks fab with rock-inspired fashion is snowflake obsidian!

Classic Charmer

Timeless style is always sought after by fashion lovers, so a coveted item of jewellery that can be both modern and chic, as well as sophisticated and enduring, whatever this season’s most loved trend makes a wonderful gift. This is the idea behind DIWAH’s Classic Collection, created by our designers to end your search for the perfect present for a loved one who is always the epitome of elegance.

Beautiful fashion pearls and faceted crystal beads enhance the refined allure of this feminine style, with shades of lovely lilac, pretty plum purple and vivacious violet gracing semi-precious agate and jade elements. DIWAH’s designers recommend soft, striking colours when designing a gift for a Classic Charmer.

Loretta Delicate Chain Necklace05-Bella-Style-750

The Loretta necklace has proved popular throughout the year, so get your now to avoid missing out this Christmas. An opera cluster piece, the delicate gold chain is adorned with a selection of beauteous charms. This gorgeous necklace is perfect to wear on Christmas day for dinner with the family, as well as accessorising throughout the rest of the year.

The Bella charm bracelet is a playful addition to any elegant outfit, with snowy white, chunky fashion pearls and divine dappled quartz. Delightful crystal beads are the icing on the Christmas cake for this mesmerising and unique piece. The best thing about this style is that it will never go out of fashion, meaning you can go from wearing it with your jeans to dressing up and going out in New Year finery.

Which stone should I use?

Any stone in a soft hue works perfectly for a classic lady; amethyst is a beautiful stone to include in a traditional-styled necklace or bracelet design. As with our vintage starlet, rose quartz is also a fab stone to choose!

Street Stylist

We all take inspiration from the people you see out on the street and we all have that one friend who always looks like they’ve just woken up that stylish. They might seem like the most difficult person to buy for as they have a completely unique look that you just can’t seem to imitate, but with DIWAH you’ll have their present all wrapped up in no time. Contemporary fashion lovers are guaranteed to covet something from our Urban Collection, a must-have for the Street Stylist.

Trypi Chunky Chain Pendant Necklace05-Jokes-750

Indulge them with the Trypi necklace, a striking mix of styles with a toughened up, bohemian finish. Chunky chain in sections of gleaming gold, sultry black and shining silver is embellished with oversized, semi-precious and fashion charms that make up an opera cluster. Raw cut, irregular agate, bronze fashion pearl and spikes create an eclectic appeal that is irresistible to a style addict.

Want to give something that is a little bit different this year – the Jokes bracelet will ensure you go unbeaten in the gift giving stakes. The gleam of rose gold metallic fashion elements and geometric gunmetal chain bring out the rich striations of rustic tiger eye beads. They’ll never fail to earn style points with the attitude of this piece and you’ll earn points for your presents.

Which stones should I use?

As with our rebellious grunge friends, smokey quartz is a great stone for the urban street stylist. Grey goes with anything and here at DIWAH we have some amazing choices in this versatile colour. Add a bit of a colour pop with some hints of jade in your design!

DIWAH’s Grotto

With such a wide variety of styles and trends available this season and the added bonus of being able to personalise any piece from this year’s collections that you think might be perfect for your loved one – if only it had a little bit of extra Christmas sparkle. DIWAH’s grotto has everything you need to create stylish and thoughtful gifts for every lady in your life this Christmas. That’s your gift shopping done, now time to relax and pick something out for yourself…


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